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9-803-096 REV: MAY 9, 2005, MYRA HART MICHAEL J. ROBERTS JULIA D. STEVENS Zip car: Refining the Business Model It was October 14, 2000, and Robin Chase was leaving yet another meeting with potential
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don't have any money yet all I had no way Leah startup lean startup that about that I don't want data from the government I really I don't want government data I want you to do what I've been telling you to do for a week what is it you're going to go do your key helping please go to the bus stop and start talking to people okay if this was the problem do they like riding the bus do you think they can do something different okay what people would you talk to anyone puts on the bus stop but I'll try to capture both folder right what would you ask them do like truck riding the bus do you find that problematic and then I would go to would you like writing the car but no Tony kids stupid okay now we're getting somewhere now we're getting somewhere okay don't just tell me well I would talk to young people where how where are you going to meet them he's going to go meet them at the bus stop that's one place okay well University people are how old most of them were 18 19 20 is at our market they can't beat the other than 21 or over forget about universities for now forget on universities for now I'm in the city I'm going to hire you to do market research tomorrow where are you going to find young people in the city in the parks where else in the bars in a shopping mall think thing in the gym in a gym right you want to talk to some older people where are you going to meet that all right in the part in a bar of them all in a library wherever the hell people congregate right think step back take a breath and think I'm not going to put cars out, yet I might do that in the future but I don't have any money I have a piece of paper a business model canvas and I want to find out you did an excellent job of creating a customer archetype all right just did this year this is the kind of detail I wanted to see from you on your target customers you then identified several targets where might I need business people in town on trips where can I meet those people at the airport where else appearances, and they lead the car rental place possibly where else business conference a business conference where else how about a hotel go stay somewhere same thing with tourists right
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